Sunday, September 16, 2012

This video made me cry!!!

Reflection: Imagine the person you look up to is dying to be with you? Imagine your favorite celebrity calling your name? Imagine the President of the country, the Queen of England, the Pope, or any one who holds the highest position in the society is running after you? Though it would only happen in your wildest imagination, how would you feel? 
It's difficult to imagine him/her running after you!  He/she will never do that!  But, do you know that someone higher and greater than them did it?  He who created all things in this world, He who made the starts, moon, the sun, and the universe, He who is the highest of all beings, He who is all-powerful and all-knowing God did it just for you!
He removed His golden crown, put down His scepter and cape, left His throne, looked for you and ran after you.  He only ran once in His entire life, that is, when He ran to you to embrace you, and tell you how much He loves you!

Prayer: Lord, thank You for your great love! Your not only my Creator, my King, my Lord, above all, You are my Father! Thank You for loving me eternally, completely and unconditionally! I will forever treasure your love.  Your love changes me.  Your love transforms me.  There is nothing I can do that will make You love me less. I love you Father!

Post in the comment box when you experienced most God's unconditional love in your life! How did you feel about it? What does it challenge you to do?

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