Thursday, January 17, 2013

WOW! This is truly unbelievable! Science supports and proves religious truths! Nonbelievers should watch this!

WOW! This is truly unbelievable! Science supports and proves religious truths! Nonbelievers should watch this!
You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God! God was at His best when He made you. You're His greatest masterpiece! He impressed and imprinted Himself in every cell in your body. He sustains and supports you. He holds together every fiber and cell of your body! Truly, you're created in the image and likeness of the Creator! May all people you meet see, hear and experience God through you!

Lord, continue to remind me that You're always there for me!  There was no moment in my life that You left me.  I can't live without You in my life. You're the air that I breathe. You're my life! Hold me together when I'm falling down. You're my hope and inspiration! Thank You for loving me eternally! Amen! 

Post in the comment box what you are grateful most to God. Let's praise and thank Him!

Friday, November 2, 2012

God wants you to be home with Him!

God wants you to be home with Him!
 When you run away from God, He will never stop loving you. He is just waiting for you to come back home. He patiently waits for your coming back.  He will never give up on you.  He wants to be with you again.  He rejoices when He is with you. He will never exchange every moment He has for you.  

Thank You Lord for not giving up on me. I will forever treasure your love. Your love sustains and strengthens me.  Your love is my reason for living. I want to be back home again. I want to dance with You again. I want to feel the warmth of Your embrace once again. Consume me with Your love.  I will never ever leave your arms. Amen.

Post int he comments your answers to these questions? When is the last time you hurt God?  How did you feel His unconditional love for you? What do you do to treasure His love?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This video made me cry!!!

Reflection: Imagine the person you look up to is dying to be with you? Imagine your favorite celebrity calling your name? Imagine the President of the country, the Queen of England, the Pope, or any one who holds the highest position in the society is running after you? Though it would only happen in your wildest imagination, how would you feel? 
It's difficult to imagine him/her running after you!  He/she will never do that!  But, do you know that someone higher and greater than them did it?  He who created all things in this world, He who made the starts, moon, the sun, and the universe, He who is the highest of all beings, He who is all-powerful and all-knowing God did it just for you!
He removed His golden crown, put down His scepter and cape, left His throne, looked for you and ran after you.  He only ran once in His entire life, that is, when He ran to you to embrace you, and tell you how much He loves you!

Prayer: Lord, thank You for your great love! Your not only my Creator, my King, my Lord, above all, You are my Father! Thank You for loving me eternally, completely and unconditionally! I will forever treasure your love.  Your love changes me.  Your love transforms me.  There is nothing I can do that will make You love me less. I love you Father!

Post in the comment box when you experienced most God's unconditional love in your life! How did you feel about it? What does it challenge you to do?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

OMG!!! This video changed thousands of lives! You will never be the same again after watching this!

Reflection: Among the billions of people in this world, God knows your name personally! He knows your hurts, your cares and your needs! He is concerned with what you're going through! He accepts and understands everything about you!  The God who created the moon, the starts, the sun and the universe loves you eternally!

Lord, thank You for loving me unconditionally! Your love makes me feel special and significant. Even though I'm just a vapor in the wind, a speck in the universe and a teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy dot in this world, You care for me. I will forever be grateful for Your love!

Post in the comment box a story of yours when you truly felt God's unconditional love for you! May your story be an inspiration to others!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The movie that changed millions of lives! Watch and be inspired!

Reflection:  Before the foundation of the world, God had already already equipped you with the skills and gifts that you need to succeed in life! You just have to acknowledge how great you are!  Believe in yourself! You're destined for greatness!

Help me Lord to discover my greatness and goodness. May I live out my purpose in life.  May I harness my skills. May I be a reflection of how great You are!
Nothing is impossible as long as I believe!

Post in the comment box what hinders/stops you to become the best person God wants you to be.  Share with us the steps you have to take to overcome these obstacles.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Interview with God

Reflection:  God is not simply our Creator and our Provider, but a Father.  He not simply a Supreme Being, but a Personal God! He wants to have an intimate relationship with us. He loves us, and He wants the best for us!

Prayer:  Lead me Lord to the place You want me to be.  Enlighten me so that all decisions I will make will be in accordance with Your will.  Inspire and motivate me so that I will always be on fire in serving You and my fellowmen. Amen.

Sharing:  If you were to talk to God, what would you tell Him? Post your answer in the comment box.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOW! What An Incredible Love of a Father to His Child!

Reflection:  If a human father can do this to his child, how much more our Heavenly Father whose love for us is endless and unconditional?  Nothing can be compared with the kind of love that God has for each one of us!  Indeed, His love will be our source of joy, peace, strength and hope!

Prayer:  Thank You Lord for loving Me for who I am.   I'm allowing You to love me.  Without You love, I am nothing and I can do nothing.  Continue to love me so  that I can love others the way You love me. Amen!

Sharing:  Post in the comment box the people whom you have to love, assist, encourage and inspire.  How will you be able to share with them the love that you received from God?