Monday, June 4, 2012

The movie that changed millions of lives! Watch and be inspired!

Reflection:  Before the foundation of the world, God had already already equipped you with the skills and gifts that you need to succeed in life! You just have to acknowledge how great you are!  Believe in yourself! You're destined for greatness!

Help me Lord to discover my greatness and goodness. May I live out my purpose in life.  May I harness my skills. May I be a reflection of how great You are!
Nothing is impossible as long as I believe!

Post in the comment box what hinders/stops you to become the best person God wants you to be.  Share with us the steps you have to take to overcome these obstacles.

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  1. I easily get confounded by people who want me to treat them with material and natural things such as wallets, presents or food.... I had to step back even though I don't want to and feel the motion of the wind even harder against my back and I had to stop school so I can contemplate on the decisions I want to take and improve my body physique and confidence and assertiveness inspite of the absence of my father which is very much disappointing with regards to the amount of attention I get from him communicatively. Now I just do as I please and I avoid feeling guilty for anything I do... because I'm not doing anything promiscouos obscene or mischievous in the presence of our fellow human beings...