Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WOW! What An Incredible Love of a Father to His Child!

Reflection:  If a human father can do this to his child, how much more our Heavenly Father whose love for us is endless and unconditional?  Nothing can be compared with the kind of love that God has for each one of us!  Indeed, His love will be our source of joy, peace, strength and hope!

Prayer:  Thank You Lord for loving Me for who I am.   I'm allowing You to love me.  Without You love, I am nothing and I can do nothing.  Continue to love me so  that I can love others the way You love me. Amen!

Sharing:  Post in the comment box the people whom you have to love, assist, encourage and inspire.  How will you be able to share with them the love that you received from God? 

1 comment:

  1. Nice blog, you have inspired me to do the best i can for my special boy. Please continue with your work and be a blessing to others.

    Cheers and hugs!

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